Monday, March 21, 2011


I was reading an article a while back about how some scientists had made the most realistic sex doll robot yet. Like totally a robot you could put your weiner in. She had a moving  mouth, eyes, hair, boobies,and a robot vagina. (Robina?) The only question I have is what the hell happened to finding a cure for AIDS? Did I miss the memo that it had been cured? Oh no? Tons of people still have it? But now theres a robot they can bang?

If scientist are going to use their giant brains on stuff that doesn't really help anyone where the hell is my jetpack? I want one. I'll take a jet pack even if it gives me AIDS. I'll take one even if it gives the people around me AIDS.

I would be hovering around, two feet off the ground since I'm afraid of heights,and some dude would walk up.

"Sweet jetpack" he would say.

"It's all right" I would reply, playing it cool.

The guy would raise a brow. "But what's that shit shooting out the bottom?"

"AIDS" I would answer while I jetted away.

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