Monday, March 28, 2011


A year or so ago, my son Gabe was going through a phase where he was really, really interested in his penis. Actually, he's still going through this phase. The point is though, that a while back, every chance he would get, he'd put his hand down his pants and diaper. Or if he was naked for a bath, he'd just sort of flick it around.

I wasn't sure this was normal, so I asked my best buddy Glenn about it. Glenn doesn't have kids or anything, but I wondered if he had any insight.

"Dude." He said. "It's no big deal. Hell my mom has pictures of me totally nude, standing in the hall and just wacking it about."

Glenn stood and moved to a book shelf, pulling off a photo album. He flipped through it. "She took pictures." He held a picture out for me to see.

"Man, this doesn't help at all." I said.

"Why not?" Glenn asked

"You're sixteen in this picture."

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