Friday, October 7, 2011


So Chris Pratt (who is awesome on Parks and Rec) gave his (and his wife's, Anna Faris) cat away to someone on twitter. The cat is super old I guess, and poops everywhere, and they are planning on having kids. So he didn't want an old pooping thing hanging out. (that's why I don't invite my mom over much. Zing! Just kidding. love you mom.) Well of course the creepy cat ladies are having a fit that you would just dump some old ass cat to a stranger. Well guess what you freakin' looneys. IT'S A CAT. It's not a big deal. It doesn't give a shit who feeds it. Leave the dude alone. Jeezle petes. Chris rules.

Anywho, get on facebook and like this page you suckas.

The awesomely talented Adam Hicks and the averagely talented me have teamed up for an awesome comic titled Sunshine Valley. If you're going to NYCC you can buy a preview for issue one. We're going ot get the first issue finished and then shop it around. SO like the page, cause we'll be keeping everything up to date and have some fun contests planned.

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