Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drinking Story

Here's a fun story about the day my best friend Glenn got super super wasted.

We weren't long out of high school, and I still lived with my mom. (Hell I lived with my mom long after I graduated high school.) She was out of town or something, and I had a little get together. Glenn can throw them back, and he did. Eventually he crawled into the bathroom, and threw up. He was spent. He had no energy left to leave the bathroom, so he just laid down there, right at the foot of the toilet.

Glenn's girlfriend at the time had been with him, and came back into the living room, letting us now that Glenn was all but passed out, there in the bathroom. We wanted to laugh at him of course, and a large number of us gathered in the doorway.

Nick Bose wasn't a man to let someone in need go without help. He pushed his way through the group and into the bathroom. He assessed the situation. He knew what had to be done.

Bose knelt by Glenn, reaching out and pressing his fingertips to Glenn's shoulder.

“Glenn.” Bose said. I'm going to help you stand up, on the count of three.”

Glenn opened his eyes, his hand shout out and he gripped Bose's arm, pulling him down, their faces close.

“Bose.” Glenn replied, his voice dropping into a grim action movie star type.

“I can make it on two.”

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  1. Oh glenn and his many intoxication stories lol