Monday, April 11, 2011

Scream 4 theory

So holy crap, Scream 4 comes out this week. Some of you may know that Scream is easily my favorite horror movie (and series) and the first flick is in my top five movies. In fact, it's the movie I credit with making me want to make films. Kevin Williamson wrote it as a big love letter to the horror films he loved growing up, and it made me realized that I loved film and also wanted to make it.

Anywho, one of the commercials for Scream 4 that's in heavy rotation speaks of some big twist or something at the end. Something that you won't see coming. They can't just be referencing the killers identity, that's a staple of the series. So I got to thinking. And almost immediately the following popped into my head. 9I'll drop a few lines in case I'm right and you'd like to stay away from spoilers. Keep in mind that I myself have staid away from any and all spoilers for this flick, and besides some character names, I know nothing about this movie, I haven't seen this theory anywhere else on the net, but I haven't been looking either.)

(also, spoilers on the first film too)

I think the new main character Jill is Sidney and Billy's daughter from the one time they had sex, in the first film. Scream was 15 years ago, and I'm guessing that's about how old these new kids are supposed to be. Sid was in high school in the first flick, and the second one takes place two years after (despite being released one year after). Sid may have gotten pregnant, not returned to school for some time (citing the trauma of having he boyfriend try to kill her (she may have home schooled or something for the remained of her Junior Year. I think she's a freshman in college in Scream 2) had the baby and given it up to her aunt for adoption. Now her child is a teen herself, and new murders are happening. If I'm right about this, I think Jill (Sid's daughter) is the mastermind behind the murders.)

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