Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wolverine Vs. Iron Man : Gabey Style

Gabriel and I were playing with super hero action figures a while back. Here is the dramatic retelling.

Wolverine stared across the battlefield at Iron Man. They had been friends once. Not now. With a grimace, he popped his claws, three long harp blades out of the knuckles on each hand. He pointed the right handed claws at Iron Man.

“I'm going to cut through your suit like butter.” Wolverine growled. He jumped forward. Iron Man anticipated this, diving forward at the same time, rising above Wolverine with assistance from the the propulsion system in his boots. He cut the power and came down hard on Wolverine's back.

“No.” Iron man replied in his robotic voice. “I'm going to cut YOUR butter.”

“Wait, what?” Wolverine asked. Iron Man responded with a repulsor ray to the face. Wolverine went flying back.

“I'm going to mess your stuff up!” Ion Man screamed. He flew forward again, not even bothering to hit Wolverine with his fists. He simply bashed his helmeted head into Wolverine's torso. Iron Man stopped the beat down, hovering in the sky. “I wish we should be friends now.” Iron Man said.

“Me too.” Wolverine replied, getting to his feet.

“Let's swing.” Iron Man said, running to the playground they had apparently been fighting next to this whole time.

“I'm going to slide!” Shouted Wolverine, a little to excitedly.

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