Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Writing Thing


The sun hung directly overhead, but try as it might, it just couldn't burn an angry red into the back of James Howletts neck. James was guiding his big black horse through a winding valley with a small pathway that was surrounded by cacti and brambles on each side. He wore a large black hat and black trousers, his chest bare beneath and unbuttoned vest made up of animal skins. Large chops grew down his jawline, and they were heavy with sweat. James pulled quickly on the reigns, and his horse stopped.

“Easy now.” His voice was gruff and low. His nose twitched as he inhaled. “Someone close.” He grunted. He kicked softly, and the horse continued on. Her turned a curve, and halted the horse once more. Sliding one short leg over the horses back, he slipped off his saddle, his booted feet finding purchase easily on the rocky ground. James crouched and moved forward, heading to his left, towards a thick patch of brambles. He stopped, and with a slight tearing sound, three sharp bones pushed out of his fist from between his fingers. On the ground before him, a pair of bare feet could be seen beneath a bush. With his unclawed hand, Logan grabbed the ankles and tugged a man out. He had obviously been sleeping, and shouted as he was pulled out, twisting around on his side.

“What the hell?” The man shouted, pulling from James' grasp and jumping up on his feet. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Easy, bub.” James let his claws find their way back into his hand as he held up his other one, palm outward. The man he had woken had brown hair, to his shoulders and very peculiar eyes. “You a mutant?”

“What's it to you?”

“Well, we have something in common.”

Remy looked down to James as he spoke. “What's the big idea? Disturbing me like that?”

“If I hadn't, the red skins would of. Though they may have already came by and were laughing too hard to do nothing 'bout ya. Not exactly the best hiding place.”

“I wasn't hiding, I was sleeping.” Remy crouched down and felt beneath the bush, pulling his boots out and sitting as he pulled them on.

“Pretty weird place to sleep.” James grinned

“Yeah well, not much of a choice.”

“On the run?”

“Something like dat.”

“Well, I know a place, about four days ride from here, pretty kind to folks like us.”

“Well I ain't got a horse hiding under that bush, so how long to walk?”

“Eight days or so, maybe a little less for a man being chased. Man called Xavier owns a ranch, right up on the outskirts of the county, out near West Chester lake. You know it?”

“The ranch no, the lake yes.” Remy stood

“You go about four miles south, there's a little farm with a few horses in a barn next to it. Take one and make for the lake.”

“That your place?”

“No.” James replied walking back to his horse. “But it's no ones

place now, they took in the wrong drifter, and it cost em.” James kicked his horse in to motion, speaking softly to it “Let's go Logan.” He then spoke to Remy once more. “You watch yourself kid.”

“You too. And thanks.” Remy lifted his hand in parting, and watched James ride away.

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