Monday, April 4, 2011

Hodge Podge

I recently re-watched all three Matrix movies over the course of a week. I really really liked them all (I remember not liking the sequels, back in the day.) but now I'm THAT GUY. That dude whose like fake diving in slow motion and shooting guns at people. You know, everyone did it twelve or so yeas ago, when The Matrix first came out, but I'm the only asshole doing it now.

And I don't care.

-Dives sideways, shooting finger guns-

Oh Charlie Sheen, going on tour where you do nothing but stand behind a podium and tell nonsensical stories didn't work out the way you had hoped? Sounded like a fool proof hit to me.

Holy cow, Scream 4 comes out this month. I could not be more excited. I'm definitely going at midnight. Anyone else?


Opening day was awesome. Hypothetically. I had to suddenly get work off that day because Kristi had to go to another class in the afternoon, and not because we went to opening day. If we had, it would have been Gabe's first game, and he would have enjoyed it, especially saying Charge! And yelling GO JOEY VOTTO really loud every time he was up to bat. It was awesome. My first ever going to opening day. Hypothetically.

Bengals had Cam Newton over for hot chocolate and cookies. Wait what? Oh, to practice and stuff. Eh, I kinda like it.

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