Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why are you here?

We took Gabe to the Reds game last night, and had a good time, even though The Reds pitching sucked for the most part, and no body could figure out how bats are supposed to work. Obviously, Chapman throwing 106 was awesome to see in person. The weird thing to me though, are some of the people who go. Two couples were right behind us, and one dude was super nice and gave Gabe a little pack of crackers, but his wife literally would not shut up. Just story after story after story, even as the others were attempting to pay attention to the game. She literally used her cell to google the line up of some music festival and proceeded to read off the entire forty plus bands and singers expected to be there. If you just want to catch up with people and chit chat, you can do so without spending any money, or going to something that you pay attention to. The best though was the woman there reading a book. READING A BOOK! She may have been late teens I think, and there with her dad. If you don't want to go, SAY SO! It's more insulting to whoever forced you there to look over and see you nose buried in a book.

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