Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, we'll just keep your money

I worked thid shift last night, and a guy came in and asked if we cashed in lottery tickets. Sure, I replied, but when I scanned it the little warning popped up and told me it was worth a lot of money. Just shy of 300 bucks. Well, we don't cash in tickets over 100 there, so I handed it back to him and told him sorry.

"But you scanned it." He said.

"Yeah, but we can't do it."

"So I just lose that money?"

Yes you moron, I scanned it all the way through, but we're not going to pay you the cash, I'm going to use it for rent money instead. Or Speedway will just keep it. I explained to him that tickets over a certain amount bring up warnings, and we have to push a cancel or accept button, and if I had accepted it, a little slip of paper would have printed out. He still didn't get it.

"So this isn't good anymore?" he asked.

I punched him in the face.

Not really, but I thought about it. I wish stupid people would move out of America. I wouldn't have to deal with them at work, and Nascar wouldn't be on TV anymore. So that's a win win.

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