Thursday, May 5, 2011

random crap.

Everyone knows that one dude who looks like a lesbian.

If you don't know that one dude who looks like a lesbian, you are the one dude who looks like a lesbian.

We have a candy at work that is a chocolate covered cherry. The package shows one of the candies, cut in half, with the cherry inside and some clear goop spilling out. Right beneath that it says 100 percent liquid center. Um, a cherry is not liquid. Your product is a chocolate covered cherry, with some sort of goop in it. The cherry is the center.

Is Rhianna the worst thing that's ever happened to music? Yes. She is. Good god Gabe and I are watching music videos right now, and hers was just on and it's literally one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Just like every other song of hers.

Now the Black Eyed peas are on, it's not much better than a Rhinna song. It's the other two dudes turns right now. So that's not good. And why does Will.I.Am. always try to look like a robot ot something?

I drew a shark with boners for teeth yesterday. Don't ask. The point is, Jaws would have been a very different movie if the shark had had dicks for teeth. The women wouldn't have wanted to be saved.

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