Thursday, May 26, 2011

Really Reds?

Man, what a craphole showing by the Reds last night. First off we need to talk about Ochocinco, I mean Brandon Phillips. Seriously, pay attention. He got picked off at second for screwing around, and he would have been walked in if he hadn;t, which would have kept the game from going to 19 innings. But now, he's so damn concerned with seeming fun and cool and getting on TV extra he got thrown out. He annoys me sometimes.

And then, in the top of the 19th the Phillies had to put in a non pitcher to pitch! Yes! This is just what we needed! Oh my god, he's throwing like crap! Oh my god, Votto swung at ball 2 (which would have led to a walk.) OH no, Votto popped out. OKay, well no big deal, cause dude just hit Rolen. But then two moe pop outs. The dude was throwing to the left of the catcher by three feet most pitches. And lobbing them in when they were strikes. And we couldn't get a hit? Needless to say we lost. That has got to be the most embarassing game for the Reds all season.

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