Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Officer Mcnugget

Yesterday at work I called the police dispatch to have them send someone out because I saw a drug deal go down in the parking lot. The dealer was long gone but the person who had bought something was already impaired and was struggling to pump his gas and then figure out how to drive his truck out of the parking lot. He was literally out there for fifteen minutes after I called. The guy finally leaves, and a cop doesn't show up for another ten minutes after that. He apologizes for taking so long, asks which way he went, and gets back in his car and pulls onto the street heading in the opposite direction from the way I told him the druggie went. A co worker came inside and told me that when the cop had gotten out of his car he threw away a McDonald’s bag. I got both parties plate numbers, but if Arby's is having a two for three on roast beef sandwiches, nothing will probably get done.

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