Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm reading a book called Live From New York, and it's the history of SNL, from the beginning up to about 2002. The book is made up of interviews with writers, hosts, and the actors. The sad thing is, almost everyone they talk about or who speaks themselves comes off so damn bad. I love Harry Shearer, but EVERYONE in that book who worked with him talks about what a horrible person he is. Belushi (who I didn't care for much anyways) was sexist and refused to do sketches women wrote, Ben Stiller canceled hosted the second show after 9-11 partly because they wouldn't give in to the ridiculous demands he had for hosting, (Certain things in his dressing room, etc.) Chis Rock is so obsessed with race he creates rifts between him and white people where there are none. This book is a real eye opener, one that really makes me rethink ever having wanted to work in show business. Everyone just seems petty, and ridiculous, and psychotic. It's sad.

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