Monday, May 16, 2011


We took Gabe to the Red's game last night, we specifically picked last night to get tickets because they were going to have a kids run the bases thing after the game, which they cancelled. Because it was Rainy. Bleh. The game was awesome though and we killed the Cads (well until we put Chapman in who walked the bases loaded, then walked in a run. All together they scored five runs in the top of the ninth.) There was a Cardinal fan a few rows behind us, being totally obnoxious the whole game. Cheering for a team is one thing, having your parents not love you as a child and cave attention so badly you choose to annoy people for it is another. Well when we finally managed to get in the win in the end, I turned and looked right into his eyes, yelling SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I wasn't the only person in the area to do this, and his walk up the stairs was pretty miserable, with everyone who had been annoyed all game getting in his face. Keep in mind I was sitting right next to to St. Louis fans, who managed to cheer for their team (the few times their team did anything to cheer about) and not get the whole section to dislike them.

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