Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working For Google

I saw a segment on Sixty Minutes a few years ago, where they went to Google's headquarters in Awesomeville California. Everyone was zooming around on Segways, there were multiple volleyball courts, free day care, free lunch (and it was awesome lunch, steak, lobster, I think you could eat a small North Korean child if you wanted to.) It was the coolest place in the world.


First off, what do so many people even do, working at Google? I'm not that computer savvy, and maybe up keeping Google is harder than I think, but then I'm guessing you wouldn't have time for pick up games of Volleyball. I mean, isn't Google just an automated system? How much maintenance does it really need? It seems to me two nerds could run Google in their parents basement.

I don't even get a free 95 cent pop at work. I don't even get any sort of discount, and you get a free Segway and a personal chef at Google? *Fart sound*

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