Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm worried by how stupid people are

SO at work we have a freezy drink machine. Like you know, slurpee type stuff. Well, it's completely broken. So to let customers know that it's broken, there is a sign hanging on each spout saying 'PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER DRINK'. Also of course, the machine is off, the stuff isn't frozen or spinning in the little viewport. Guess how many idiots who want a freezy drink ask if the machine is broken after seeing the signs and lack of frozen product in the view port. ALMOST EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM. Somehow, they are unable to put the clues together, mainly the signs saying none of them are working, and are still forced to ask me if the machine is working or not. Never mind the people who still grab a cup and go to pour some completely unfrozen juice like substance until I decide to call over and tell them it's broken. Also thee was a lady with two little bratty kids who literally stated crying when they came in. Crying, because a drink machine is broken. So the lady comes to the counter and says; "Is that machine really broken?"

 "Yes" I reply, instead of punching her in the face, which was my first thought.

"Can you go fix it?"

"Bitch, if I (or anyone else who worked here.) could fix it, IT WOULD BE FIXED."

That's what I really told her, minus calling her a bitch. But my eyes said bitch, and I think she could see that.

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