Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some More Random Crap

Dear people who made the upcoming film Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz is ugly. She was hot in The Mask, like a million years ago, then proceeded to get angular and bony. Seriously no part of her body curves. It's all triangles. She looks like Starscream from the Transformer flicks.

On a related note, Starscream or Star Scream? I'm not sure, and I don't care.

On another related note, Scream 4 comes out on DVD and Blu Ray in October. I think the fourth. Please buy it you jerks, so I can have a Scream 5.

How are the Reds still only two (and a half?) games back when it seems like they've lost 90 out of the last 92 games.

Gabe got me a Green Lantern toy and Sherlock Holmes on Blu Ray for fathers day. As he hugged me later he whispered- "Daddy, I think we should both be able to play with the Green Lantern toy." Like father like son. I buy him stuff for presents because I want to play with it too.

Man, my place of work is really becoming ridiculous. We'll call it Peedway, cause they're basically pissing all over customers. (Who probably deserve it.) Seriously, I think the new Peedway logo is Way Less For Way More. You used to get 1000 bonus points for putting 50 bucks on a gift card. Now you have to put 100 bucks to get any points. For 100 bucks you get 1500 points. So you have to spend 50 more bucks to get 500 points less than 100 would have gotten you before. This is just the latest change in a string of shitty moves.

Cars 2 comes out soon, Gabe is pretty damn excited. lol.

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