Monday, June 6, 2011

Completely True History

During the cave man days, said cavemen used the tops of animal skulls as dinnerware. They were very proud of this evolutionary step forward, and often hosted fancy dinner parties, where they served their friends (And some enemies! Keep em closer, they say! Ha!) mammoth finger sandwhiches on sparkling 9Well, nice and gray) plates. However, when one was attacked by an animal (As was often the case back then) while eating (Also, often) one had to drop their plates as they ran, or even if they didn't, the food will fall off (A bowl would maybe have helped with this, but don't be daft, bowls weren't invented until 1956 by Edward P Bowl.) One caveman, tired of losing his evening meals (then called Breakfast. I know, crazy, right?) began using a sharp saber tooth cat rib bone to skewer his food. Then when attacked, he could run WITH his food, enjoying it as he hid in bushes. Once the food was eaten, he could even use the rib as a weapon. (Oh how Saber Tooth cats HATED being pierced by the bone of a fallen comrad. Much like Nazis. That's why the Saber Tooth Cat is known as the Nazi of the caveman days) The caveman who invented this was named Bob, and he traveled around showing others of his invention. He would pester them until they would buy one, while they muttered "Okay, Bob."

Of course, the letter O was lost to man for years (1687-1775) so Okay Bob became Kay Bob, which then was in a terrible accident and was amputated to just contain Kabob.

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